26 April 2018 We Salute You!


Since our venture with LifeStraw® started, we have met with many NGOs, Foundations, Corporates and Government entities. Recently, we had the honour of meeting up with Global Peace Foundation (Malaysia) and we spoke a lot about potential humanitarian and community projects and the current projects they are working on.

Global Peace Foundation was founded in 2009 as an international non-sectarian, non-profit organisation, which promotes an innovative, values-based approach to peace-building, guided by the vision of that humanity is one family under God. Global Peace supports the United Nations Global Sustainable Development Goals 2030 with key focus in good health, clean water and sanitation, reduced inequalities and partnerships for the goals.

For provision of safe water for remote communities, Global Peace has created a programme called Communities Unite for Purewater (CUP). CUP is a community-driven initiative in collaboration with partners and funders. Their aim is to uplift the welfare of the marginalised and underserved communities by providing safe drinking water through the use of LifeStraw® Community and LifeStraw® Family 2.0 and achieve sustainability and behavioural change through training and implementation of WASH programme (holistic approach to safe water, health and sanitation). To date, their projects have benefited more than 4000 people in 13 communities, in Cambodia, Perak, Pahang, Sabah and Sarawak.



Through our conversations with many NGOs, we also came to an agreement that, the work of NGOs such as Global Peace are just stop gap measures to provide these communities with immediate and temporary relief. Long term sustainable change for the communities need the support from the government. While waiting for the long term plans and sustainable assistance from the government, the relentless and good work displayed by NGOs, Foundations, Volunteer groups and the support from many Corporate and individual sponsors are still very much appreciated. We salute you all!

Do your part and support all these kind souls and be a part to bring peace, joy and good health to these underserved communities. Every help and contributions to these projects, be it big or small, it makes a difference to these communities.

For more information about Global Peace Foundation, please visit their website,

Telvin Goh, Senior Manager
Community Outreach & Development
26 April 2018