16 April 2019 The craziness before the exhibition

Milipol Asia Pacific comes by every 2 years to our shores. It is one of the biggest security exhibition in Singapore for security equipment and technologies. It showcases all things security, from personal equipment to heavy hitters like firearms, platforms and advance surveillance equipment. With the advancement of Internet and new forms of communications, digital security and digital forensics are also starting to feature. We decided to exhibit in this edition of Milipol Asia Pacific and not just exhibit, we wanted to come out with a bang!

The theme of this edition of Milipol for us is to feature one of our core competencies, our uniform and load carrying solutions. Now at any exhibition, there are good booths and there are great booths. We wanted to be the latter. This being my baby, I had to crack my head on how to make our booth stand out. We need talking points, we need something that our visitors, our partners and our clients can engage their sense of touch and sight. Like many a time before when I need some creative juice, the idea came to me when I was having a beer. 56 man hours and many many meetings and discussions later, my colleague came up with the booth design. It had all of what we needed. We have a main feature which I’m quite sure is the first in Asia Pacific, if not the world. We have a swing suspended by a composite material which we are going to use in our tactical vests. Our partners, visitors and clients can come, sit on the swing and have their pictures taken. Perfect Instagram spot!

Milipol Asia Pacific itself

Milipol Asia Pacific ran for 3 days. It was a fully packed 3 days for me and went by in the blink of an eye. We had delegations from Philippines and Vietnam with their liaison officers on the first day. Our own local government agencies and local clients all came to our booth on the second day. I hosted a seminar with my oversea partners on the second day. Just when I thought I could finally relax and catch up with some of my old friends and competitors from the other booths, the last day proved to be busy as well. We have more end users from the local agencies coming by for further discussions and meetings. It sure was a very fruitful Milipol!

During my brief walk around Milipol, you can see that it is increasingly apparent that digital crime prevention, detection and forensics are increasing important in this era. There is also no lapse in the area of personal equipment and platforms. It is heartening to see that all the advancements in security from the individual on the ground to cyber security are all available in Singapore. Some of these are being adopted while others have not gone un-noticed. It is good for security experts to exchange ideas on the various security subjects to enhance the overall security of our nation.

Final thoughts

In this ever volatile and interconnected world, it becomes more imperative for our security agencies to be up to date with the latest threats, trends and operational concepts. It is equally important for citizens to adopt the correct mindset and understanding of security. Security is not just the work of our law enforcement officers. Security is a mindset, it is an attitude. We as citizens can help to improve the overall security situation. I will blog more about this in my next blog. Till next time, take care and stay safe.

Ethan Foo, Manager
Defence Systems