22 January 2019 Technology 10 Year Challenge

With the #10yearchallenge craze right now, we thought we will do one for technology!

Mobile Phones
Smartphones are already popular in 2009, and interestingly phones in 2019 are not getting smaller but getting larger.
2009 : iPhone 3GS vs
2019 : iPhone XE

Laptops have gotten more powerful and at the same time gotten smaller and lighter, with Ultrabooks dominating the market.
2009 : Dell Studio 15, best laptop in 2009 vs
2019 : Dell XPS 15, same size screen but smaller laptop due to thinner bezels

Today’s headphones have largely become wireless and comes with technology such as active noise cancelling, compared to models from 10 years ago which are mostly wired and have fewer features.
2009 : Sennheiser HD800 vs
2019 : Sony WH-1000XM3

As expected, TVs have gotten flatter, slimmer, with almost no bezels. They have also increased in both picture resolution and size.
2009 : Samsung Series 6, 46” Full HD 1080P vs
2019 : Samsung Q900R, 85” 8K QLED

Cars have gotten a whole lot smarter, with self-driving capabilities and a whole lot of integration with technology. They have also gotten greener with many companies developing electric cars.
2009 : Audi TT, a lot of buttons for a lot of features
2019 : Tesla Model 3, more features but only a tablet to control everything

Jason Wei, Senior Manager

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