15 November 2018 Smarter Locks: Steps towards a keyless society

In the push for smart cities, there is a lot of talk about a cashless society. Now, we can also move towards a keyless society with the various types of Smart Lock products in the market.

Most office buildings today are already using a form of smart locks, commonly termed as access control systems. They typically comprise of a reader that can be card based, pin based, or fingerprint based. The more advanced ones are facial recognition or iris recognition. The doors are typically secured by an electromagnetic lock.

Similarly, for hotels, they have been using smart locks for a long time. Almost all hotels are using a card based reader, and the doors are secured by a special lock integrated in the door handle. Today, some modern hotels are using mobile APPS to unlock the room doors over Bluetooth.

Both of the above systems mentioned require elaborate cabling works, thus they are not so suitable for smaller offices, or home use. However, in the last 5 years, we have seen a surge in the number of consumer Smart Locks. Today, many homes are already using Smart Locks ranging from Samsung to Yale. These locks feature Biometric fingerprint scanning, RFID readers, or keypads. Some of them also have a manual bypass for normal key unlocking.

With numerous Smart Lock devices in the market today, it is a right time to upgrade our locking systems. Force 21 carry a number of Smart Lock security products and our sales consultants are happy to discuss your requirements with you.

Jason Wei, Senior Manager