15 February 2019 Post CNY-Back to training Regime

Finally, the main part of Chinese New Year is gone and we are into our last week of CNY celebrations. Time to get your bums off the couch and burn off those Bak Kwas, Pineapple tarts, Alcohol beverages and other sinful treats you have so willingly invited yourselves to over the past week or so.

The tough part is getting started; put a date down and do it with a partner or a group. I am so looking forward to my weekly badminton sessions once CNY is past the corners. After the first session is over, set the date for the second one with the partner or group, stick to it for as long as all can stay together. Setting goals or even participating in events e.g. runs, adventure trails or hikes helps. With different variety and a fun group, you are always looking forward to the next session.

Photo Source : Unknown

Next part is about diet, the image above is taken off the net and somewhat roughly represent the calories that each kind of treat has, but it is not a real representation as ingredients differ from various bakers.

In short, the image serves to remind everyone to start moving, or if you have already started, to keep moving to burn off the extra calories gained during the CNY period. Moving beyond CNY, maintaining a balanced diet is key to increase metabolism and boost muscle recovery after your exercise sessions. Health Promotion Board, Singapore had came out with the healthy plate options for locals to consider during the festive celebrations You may visit the link to understand more!

Lastly, exercising also helps to keep a healthy body, which also boosts productivity levels at work! Get your colleagues moving together!

Roy Chan
Senior Manager, FiTSA / Events Management