3 January 2018 How to get a 6-Pack Abs? How to burn fats at my stomach area?

6 Pack Abs

During the festive gathering, I was asked these questions repetitively,

  • “how do I burn fats around my tummy area”
  • “can doing 300 crunches every day burn the fats?”
  • “can the product that Cristiano Ronaldo endorsed do the trick?”

I do not blame them for asking. After all, everyone would like to have a flat stomach to show off and people do get sold each day for products and services that promised results with minimal effort. Typical examples are meal replacement shakes, exercise products that claimed to target specific areas to burn fats, etc.

Hopefully by the end of this blog, you actually learnt that:

“There is no such thing as spot or targeted fats burning!”

There are already tonnes of information online with regards to fats burning 101, which I am going to reiterate the facts again and hopefully some good guys will actually realise it and do the right thing this 2018.

Here are the information you need to know going forward:

Everyone has abdominal muscles.

That is true! You start to develop muscles since you are born. They may be hidden under a layer of fat once you start growing and depending on how big you are, your 6-pack abs could be suffocating underneath the fatty layer.

Fat vs. muscle – they are two different elements!

Fats do not miraculously turn into your 6-pack abs muscles despite the number of crunches you did. Within your body anatomical structure, your abs muscles are tucked nice and warm underneath a layer of fats. No amount of abs exercises will make your 6-pack obvious if you do not burn off the layer of fats. Doing 1000 crunches will not reduce the fat layer instead it will only allow the abdominal muscles underneath the fat layer stronger.

You will see your flat stomach when you have low enough body fats percentage.

These 2 elements work inversely to each other; the lesser percentage of body fats, the more obvious your 6-pack abs is! You keep seeing advertisements on products and services targeting the stubborn stomach area because people likes SHORTCUT, it is largely EASIER to capture the attention of people who are desperately trying to lose their guts than to tell them to eat healthier and exercise regularly.

Methods to achieve a flat stomach.

Be diligent and put in the hours daily to burn those stubborn fats. It has been largely documented that you just need to exercise minimally 30 minutes a day to lose weight. And because we cannot tell our body which part to burn first, we have to move the larger muscles we have i.e. legs. Going for daily jogs and calisthenics exercises will do wonders in the fat burning process.

You are what you eat

Up to 70% of your nutrition makes up how your body will look. If you eat junk, 70% of you will look like junk (harsh fact!). Your diet should be a well-balanced diet, small but frequent meals and keep those calories in check! Sugary and fizzy drinks are high in sugar and are not recommended to be consumed daily. Same goes for alcohol!

If you feel like you need more information on how to get back your 6-pack, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via We hope that the information is useful and informative. Cheers to a new year and a new you!


Roy Chan, Senior Manager
3 January 2018