11 December 2018 Force 21 Launches Sustainability Brand: GiftingLife

The world is changing, and so should the way we do business.

This is the idea of Force 21 as it welcomes its strategic business and sustainability brand, GiftingLife. A company’s initiative to educate and provide solutions on global sustainability issues, GiftingLife starts on its mission by focusing first on safe and clean drinking water, joining the rest of the world in pursuing the UN Sustainable Development Goal on providing inclusive access to potable drinking water and moving solutions in collaboration with key stakeholders.

Business Answering Social Needs
We are currently in a very opportune time when as a society, we have invented almost all solutions that can solve most of the social and environmental problems that countries and populations have dealt with for the longest time. Epidemics that razed populations before, issues in health, education, and other basic services that have kept a lot of us below poverty, along with all other issues known to man, almost everything has already been thought of with a solution. And so the question begs, why is most of human society still suffering?

The answer is two-fold: we do not collaborate enough, and we do not move the right solutions to where they are needed. Of all the game-changing stuff invented by man, our next trove of solutions lies in innovation and collaboration.
This is what GiftingLife aims to do. We aim to use our expertise in business and innovation to move world-class solutions towards communities who direly needs them. To do this, we need to collaborate with various stakeholders and innovate the way we do things to make them more inclusive and more sustainable, all with the objective of improving the quality of life for everyone.

The Business of Gifting Life
Currently, GiftingLife holds a portfolio of solutions for safe drinking water that are flexible and suitable for virtually almost any type of need, from a personal or household scale, to a city-level demand. These solutions involve ultra and micro filtration systems, atmospheric water generation, desalination or sea water RO, among others. We engage primarily through assessing the problems and needs of partners or beneficiaries, which then allows us to match and co-design solutions with them. This is how we envision to be a socio-community hub that integrates stakeholders and moves solutions which increase the quality of life. As a sustainability solutions provider, we also spread our advocacy by providing information and engaging potential partners to dialogue on how we can deliver effective solutions to communities in dire need.

We seek out opportunities to educate people of the global problem on safe drinking water and make the conversation locally relevant, such as during the OCEAN 18 Summit in the Philippines last November.

Moving Solutions for Sustainability
Ultimately, GiftingLife advocates a socially-responsible way of doing business. We bring hardware solutions, and we also recognize the value of enabling programs and strategies that will support our technology, such as values formation, livelihood and sustainability, among others. This is why we always choose to address community needs through co-operating with partners. It is our hope that through our efforts, more and more families and communities will experience better quality of life and develop sustainably onward the next generations.

GiftingLife opens pop-up booths such as this one during OCEAN 18 Summit (Philippines) to engage people to talk and raise solutions for safe drinking water. Partners and volunteers also get to try one of our solutions, LifeStraw® , and see what else they can do to contribute to bringing sustainable development to their own communities.

Liezel Salera, Assistant Manager
Community Outreach and Development