8 March 2019 Fitness-themed CSR with the Seniors

Our second CSR activity with the senior residents from Chua Chu Kang Zone 2 RC happened on 1 March 2019. It was a fitness-themed event, where we had planned a workout session, nutrition talk, carnival games & a buffet lunch. It was great to be greeted with familiar faces since we last met the seniors in July 2018, where we brought them to the Woodlands food factories to shop and nibble.

So we started the morning by re-introducing our staff volunteers to the seniors, we had small talks and proceed to the multi-purpose hall at Chua Chu Kang Community Club to kick start our workout session. FiTSA, our health & fitness arm, is the appointed Health Promotion Board “Move It, Feel Young” training provider. Our instructor conducted a low intensity aerobics class suited for elderly. It was fun grooving to the music and dance steps, yet relaxing. It was a piece of cake for the seniors as we watched them actively and enthusiastically moving to the rhythm.

Next up is a nutrition talk by our FiTSA Head, Roy Chan. He talked about eating a balance diet, introducing HPB’s ‘My Healthy Plate’, what are the healthier food to eat and unhealthy food to avoid or eat moderately, the nutrients that each type of food provides, etc. He also added physical activity recommendation suited for the seniors. The last segment before we enjoy lunch are carnival games. These new carnival games are owned by our Events team. There were 5 game stations with prizes to be won. The games are namely, “Jungle Fire” – throw a ball and hit 1 animal stand to win, “Meerkat Speed” – toss a ring to catch a meerkat stand and win, “Crab Parade” – use the fishing rod to fish out 2 bells of the same color to win, etc. The seniors are all very eager to try their skills and luck at the games. At the end of the session, there were many seniors carrying bagful of goodies with a wide grin.

Our staff volunteers are elated to hear positive feedback from the seniors on this CSR activity that we had organised. The seniors are very appreciative of the time and effort we had dedicated to them. And they look forward to meeting us in June!

If your company is looking for events organiser or to rent the games, please email Leonard Goh For fitness & health training, classes or talk, please email Roy Chan

Christine Tan, Manager