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We don’t just build CCTV systems, we customised security and surveillance solutions that provide organisations with the capability to deal with domestic security and foreign threats. Through uniquely developed technologies and integrated security, we help secure vital facilities and assets across multiple industries.

We are more than a security system integrator, we echo Singapore’s Smart Nation program to cohesively build a Smart City, Safe City together.


Today, our portfolio includes:

i-SyZyGy – An intelligent, unified IT security platform that protects your ICT system endpoints. With i-SyZyGy, your employees and assets such as data, enterprise systems and applications, PCs, notebooks, mobile phones, point-of-sale systems and even ATMs are safeguarded through our complete surveillance, sensor, tracking and monitoring solutions.

Viridian Pod – Offered in partnership with world-leading manufacturer Foxconn, Viridian Pod supports organisations with affordable and scalable next-generation modular containerised data centre solutions.


Defence  |  Technology  |  Services