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Our Services unit comprises Fitness & Health and Events Management. Fitness & Health aims to ensure that the physical and mental well-being of our clients’ employees are cared for while the event management team exhibits their creative flair in organising exhibitions, social events and campaigns.


Our services include:

Fitness & Health

The Fitness Training & Sports Academy (FiTSA) managed by our Fitness & Health team offers a comprehensive spectrum of fitness and sports conditioning services suitable for athletes and companies providing fitness and wellness classes for their employees. The FiTSA team offers their expertise in group fitness programs, weight management, personal training, fitness certification courses as well as tailoring fitness regimes for military, security and law enforcement staff to achieve optimal operational readiness.

For FiTSA’s portfolio, please click here.

Events Management

Our team of experienced and dedicated event planners pride themselves in creating an exceptional experience for every client. We believe in designing a customised, perfect fit while keeping your budget in mind. We take care of your event logistics as well.

For Events Management’s portfolio, please click here.


Defence  |  Technology  |  Services