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13 September 2016 Assisting US Military to enhance concealment effect in battlefield

One of our latest contract was to supply the US Military our Multispectral Camouflage Sniper Suit. This suit protects the wearer from modern optronics such as thermal intensifier devices, thus it greatly enhance the concealment effect in the battlefield.

Force 21 Multispectral Camouflage Personal Equipment (MSCPE) is an advanced personal multispectral camouflage clothing designed to blend the wearer into the surrounding terrain and conceal them from hostile visual sensors, night vision devices and thermal sensors (radar probes in option).


Visually, Force 21 MSCPE can be customized to resemble various terrain designs. The suit provides the wearer’s outline a three-dimensional breakup that disrupts the revealing contours of the human body rendering the wearer unrecognizable and blend into its surroundings perfectly.


Force 21 Near-Infrared

With materials designed with near infrared values similar to the surrounding environmental condition. Force 21 MSCPE can effectively obstruct and conceal users from night vision devices.

Thermal Infrared

  • Force 21 MSCPE fabrics are capable of reducing and concealing thermal radiation from users.
  • By reducing temperature differences between the user and the environment, it can effectively disguise
  • and blend the users into the environment, making detection via thermal sensors extremely difficult.


Materials and Design

Force 21 MSCPE comes in a one piece design; lightweight, extremely durable and breathable.

Constructed with high quality non-snagging materials treated with water repellent coatings, it is collapsible into a small package making it portable.