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18 September 2016 Opening New Doors.

Over the last 15 years, we have been creating success stories with our customers being at the very center of it all. While we continue to build on the dynamic partnerships and multi-faceted solutions that will always be the pillars of our progress, we have evolved and this signifies the need for a new identity.

Our refreshed brand encapsulates this.

The Concept Behind.

Force 21’s rebranding represents our successful and ongoing transition to a company well beyond our Defence roots. Today we focus on being innovative and progressive while competing in key growth markets that include Defence products, Technological solutions and Fitness & Health services as part of a portfolio that is still evolving.

Our new brand identity represents our renewed commitment towards our mission to continuously augment our competencies and provide unparalleled solutions that inspire and create new possibilities.

In support of our new brand identity, our new tagline “Move Beyond” invites customers and partners alike to engage with Force21 to open up greater opportunities for advancement with our broader portfolio.

With that, we are extremely pleased to unveil our new Force21 logo as part of the ongoing evolution of our company brand.


Changing our company logo is a decision that was taken with a great deal of consideration, as it involves looking at our business as it stands today and creating an image that represents our beliefs, philosophy and values as an organisation.

The new Force21 logo reflects a rendition of a more dynamic logo with an italic flair to denote movement, speed and vitality, whereas the incorporation of a bolder style of typography design representsthe strength and stability of the organisation.The ‘double arrows’ icon, on the other hand, symbolizes progressiveness and forward-thinking as well as to exude the perception of continuous advancement through collaborations and partnerships.The use of red and grey, gives way to a fresher and sharper visual.

Our Plans.

Our vision is to be a prominent industry leader that provides premier and innovative solutions in the global arena.

We believe that this new brand identityis a reflection of the growth we have achieved today and we look forward to a dynamic future together.